Software Development Company

Over the past decade, the world we live in has been transformed by the Web. It connects us to nearly everything we do—be it economic or social. It holds the potential to make the real world smaller, more relevant, more digestible and more personal.

At the same time, the PC has grown geometrically in power with rich applications unimaginable just a few years ago. What were documents and spreadsheets then are now digital photos, videos, music and movies. And as we edit, organize and store media, the PC has quietly moved from our desks to our laps to our mobile phones and entertainment centers—taking the Web with it each step of the way. 

Software Services are the next logical step in the evolution of computing. It represents an industry shift toward a design approach that is neither exclusively software-centric nor browser-centric. By deeply and genuinely combining the best aspects of software with the best aspects of cloud-based services, we can deliver more compelling solutions for consumers, developers and businesses. Websoft envisions a world where rich, highly functional and elegant experiences extend from the PC, to the Web, to the devices people use every day.

Across the industry, Software Services are growing as a model strategy and even those claiming to deliver Web-only offerings are moving toward hybrid scenarios that involve both services and software.