Business Partners

Business Partner/ Referrals

Our Business Partners/ Referrals program is mainly catered towards consultants/individuals who have the expertise to pitch the clients for projects but do not have the resources to get the projects executed.

Websoft values long-term business relationships and works with partners based on trust, ethics and a clear understanding of mutual expectations.

The main purpose of this program for Websoft is to extend our market reach to different parts of the world, which in turn will enable us to offer more extensive services and at very affordable prices. In return, our partners can extend their reach and services by capitalizing on the wide range of services that Websoft has to offer.

We invite consultants and companies to join Websoft as Business Partners and reap the benefits of this mutually healthy business partnership.

This partnership program will help you reduce business growth costs while substantially increasing your customer base, improving customer relationship and loyalty, and widening your services spectrum.

Typical Partner Profile

Global software / consulting companies

Strong front-end sales and support team

Demonstration of long-term commitment

 Key for Partners

Developing a long-term relationship

Offshore Edge

Flexible Business Model

Transparency in Relationship

Key Success Factors

Open culture to share knowledge

Business ethics, trust and integrity

Total commitment and respect for each other’s knowledge & ideas

Willingness to invest into long-term relationship

The associate will function as a consultant with Websoft and coordinate with clients to review their web design and development requirements. As they work to meet each client’s specific needs and project plans, Websoft will take charge of all the implementation, programming and web support. Professionals at Websoft will provide all technical and administration support required by the clients to deploy, operate and maintain web presence of their businesses.

Clients can have a sense of security as they will be dealing with a local vendor and still getting the work done at cost effective service rates of India. 

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