Mr B.N. Jha

Mr B. N. Jha commenced his career journey very early through a summer job with Bank of America as a Marketing Executive in 1995. He continued exploring diversified areas with prestigious companies like- Quality Ice Cream and Gold Flake India (P) Ltd. In 2001, Mr Jha joined Shakuntla Computers (P) Ltd as Franchisee Relationship Officer and later got promoted as Centre Head in a short span of time. His abilities and cravings for learning and expanding did not let him stop there, and in 2002, he proved his calibre by becoming a shareholder in Shakuntla Computers (P) Ltd.

In the meanwhile, Mr Jha kept nourishing his desire to share his knowledge with others through guest lecturers in various IT Colleges, and later in the year 2002, he pursued his dream of establishing his own educational setup in the name of CRC "Career Resource Centre", offering various courses related to IGNOU subjects into IT.

Though that was not enough to satisfy the hunger of this great achiever, and he started establishing various centres of his CRC under the franchising module and with his undoubtedly exceptional efforts, reached a figure of approximately 18 Franchisees all over India. He further added feathers to his achievements by launching multiple brands under CRC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD. namely: Competition Academy (for Competitive exams), English Language Centre (for English Speaking & Call Centre Training), CRC Networks (for Hardware & Networking), (Placement Consultancy), CRC Software (for software training).

Mr Jha's passion for software development runs parallel to all this, which led him to a software development unit in the name of WebSoft Technology, where he devoted his skills & efforts to satisfy his passion.

WebSoft Technology is a "Dream Project of Mr B.N.JHA."

After 18years+ experience, he decided to share his expertise and experience with people in common struggling for the achievement of their dreams and took the role of mentor through Consulting with the hope to be able to create a bridge to dreams through the multidimensional experience.

Mr Jha has the unique ability to understand how predictive models can be used in decision strategies to transform analytics into customer treatments that help organizations grow profitably in a controlled environment. He has redesigned a customer-level acquisitions suite of strategies, including a scorecard redesign, and deployed decision management products and services across the Customer Life Cycle.

With in-depth knowledge of information technology (IT), data centre operations, workflow management, and direct-marketing strategies, he serves experienced clients as a trusted adviser. He provides techniques and guidance to improve operational efficiencies through workflow management and process improvement software for managing the consumer credit life cycle. He has experience in helping organizations envision and build business models that integrate strategy, people, processes, customers, suppliers, and technology. His focused and collaborative approach quickly identifies initiatives that deliver measurable business value. He also can help clients implement new business and technology designs to realize their planned return on investment much more rapidly and efficiently.

Mr B.N. Jha is not only a businessman; he is a well-known politician and social activist and also the founder of Swekshadaan Foundation (Trust), where he used to organize different camps with his team for people in need. Also, he has experience with his paternal business Government Contractor for civil work. Now, after COVID-19, many businessmen changed their Business Domains, and some businessmen added new domains in business. Hence, Mr B.N. Jha is also one of those who have utilized Covid time and business consultant thought in the year 2022 to expand WebSoft Technology and paternal business expertise into various domains.