Vendor Management and Procurement Consulting

We provide vendor management for your firm by serving as the single point of contact for all of your technology vendors. This involves coordinating vendor services and handling any issues that may arise, from cloud based hosting providers to local contractors. We understand that finger pointing is one of the most frustrating experiences companies face in dealing with computer systems. With Websoft, the buck stops with us. We’ve been based in Delhi since 2004.

We will:

  • Coordinate and manage all technology vendors, including tel/data cabling vendors, phone system resellers, computer system manufacturers, software vendors, Internet Service Providers, antivirus solutions providers and software licensing vendors
  • Manage and complete all hardware and software-related orders and returns
  • Take full responsibility if your vendors deliver anything less than the best

Among the benefits your firm will receive are:

  • No mark-up of vendors services by Websoft
  • A single point of contact between your firm and all your vendors
  • Assurance in the quality and time­liness of your vendors’ work


We can procure network equipment and software to meet the business needs of our clients. Our experienced technical staff has the business and technological know-how to design and specify systems that help our clients reach their business goals.

We also employ Project Coordinators whose primary responsibility is to specify, order and track items purchased on our clients’ behalf. This service ensures that our clients always purchase the right equipment at competitive prices.